How to Bail Someone Out of a Clayton County Jail

A Atlanta/ Clayton Bail Bonding is dedicated to ensuring that the process of securing the release of your loved one from a Fayette County or Clayton County jail is as simple and discreet as possible. We offer fast service, affordable bonds and even payments to help secure your bond ASAP.

There is a process that you must undertake in order to bail someone out of a Fayette or Clayton County jail. Since time is of the essence, you must begin this process as soon as you hear of the incarceration of your friend or relative.

We’ve outlined this process below to assist you in obtaining the freedom of your loved one as quickly as possible.

  • Contact A Atlanta/ Clayton Bail Bonding immediately and provide us with the relevant information you’ve obtained from the jail, including the nature of the crime and the location of your loved one.
  • Fill out the required paperwork. A Atlanta/ Clayton Bail Bonding will assist you with obtaining the information you will need in order to bail someone out of jail in Clayton or Fayette County.
  • Make your payment via cash, credit, or debit to AA Professional Bail Bonding. This allows us to secure the release of your friend or relative for a percentage (usually between 10 and 30 percent) of the bail originally set by the court.
  • When your paperwork has been completed and you have submitted your payment to AA Professional Bail Bonding, you may pick up your friend or relative from the jail.

Completing these steps correctly is essential to ensuring that your friend or relative is returned home promptly from their stint in a Clayton County or Fayette County jail. Call us anytime, day or night, at (770) 571-4262, or nationwide at (888) 588-1705 for the immediate service you can expect from A Atlanta/ Clayton Bail Bonding, Clayton and Fayette County’s best bail bonding service.